Finally, a sunny day!

Black Capped Chickadee


A cute chickadee enjoy the late afternoon sun in our backyard.


Angel Birdbath

I think our friends birdbath needs a heater…..she looks a little chilly.

A cold day in the backyard

Dark eyed junco


This Dark-eyed Junco looked like he was posing for this photo.

My backyard

female cardinal

Such a pretty female cardinal came for a visit today.

Hoars Frost

I took this on Sunday morning in our backyard.

Wisconsin River – Sauk City

A flock of geese while looking for eagles at the Wisconsin River on 1/16/10.

jkgphotos is up and running!

Good morning everyone!  I have finished Joleen’s website and you can view the daily photo blog on the main page (where you are reading this right now).  You will also find an About Me page linked from the menu on the left along with Joleen’s many photo galleries.

If you want to really stay on top of things, there is an email subscription link on the left that allows you to be updated anytime a new post is entered on the website (which typically will mean Joleen has posted a beautiful new picture).

Enjoy the website!!



This is the picture that was featured on New’s 3 This Morning on 1/12/09.

JoJo’s restaurant is open for business!

Cooper’s Hawk


Coopers Hawk

Here’s a picture of a Cooper’s Hawk taken during Madison’s first snowfall of winter 2009/2010.

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