Arboretum trip to the Mississippi River

juvenille bald eagle


Enjoyed a beautiful day eagle watching along the Mississippi River in Dubuque. This is one of about 30 eagles we saw today.


Looking through the glass…

Blue Jay


Another snowy day yesterday, but saw this blue beauty and just had to take a picture. In the summertime, I’m sure all his chatter will drive me and the other birds crazy, but still enjoyed his visit.

She’s Thinking Spring

female cardinal

The birds have been wild in the backyard and this cardinal is just one of many that are showing off how beautiful they are.

Bulking up for Spring!

mmm fresh suet cake


This Downy Woodpecker is really enjoying his suet cake.

An afternoon on the patio

love this sunshine!


Spent a little time outside yesterday enjoying the sunshine and captured this beautiful female cardinal sunning herself.

Cardinal in the Sunshine

Handsome male Cardinal


I love the brillant color of this guy with the sun on him….makes me think of Spring.

Love the Raptors!

This guy flew into our backyard and all of the songbirds took off, then he perched for about 1/2 hour and waited to see what he could make a meal of. He eventually gave up and flew off.

A Young Buck

Young deer relaxing in our yard


This guy along with some of his buddies stayed in our yard all day.

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