Spring in our Yard.

lst signs of spring in the yard.


While walking around our yard the other day I noticed these beautiful blue flowers just popping through the cold soil. I can’t wait now for the rest of the wild flowers to start blooming.


A Morning At Rose Lake

American White Pelicans


Went on a field trip with the Madison Audubon Society to the Dorothy Carnes Park just outside Ft. Atkinson and saw many pelicans and other waterfowl. It was a beautiful morning and saw so many different migratory ducks while they stopped over and enjoyed the peace and solitude of this beautiful marsh area.

Indian Mounds at Mendota

"You lookin at me?"

I ran across a small herd of deer that were feeding on one of the Indian Burial Mounds on the road to Governors Island yesterday.

Mother Goose…..I believe!

Mother Goose I believe..

This goose reminds me of my Mother Goose book that I grew up with as a child. Madison Audubon Society says these are “hybrid” geese from domestic White Fronted or Greyleg geese. Thanks Madison Audubon Society!

We’re still on the River!

handsome mallards on the prowl.

I’m pretty sure these two beautiful male mallards are on the prowl looking for just the right mate. It’s early so I think there chances are still good.

It’s official….Spring is here!

American Robin

The Robins are back and that can only mean one thing………..Spring is here!

On the river at Riverplace Dental

This pair of geese were on the walkway behind our office trying to stay upright with all the wind blowing.

A River Runs Through It

Canadian Goose


This beautiful Canadian Goose was swimming around the river right behind Riverplace Dental where I work.

An afternoon at the Vilas Zoo

At Vilas Zoo


My grandaughter Tiana and I enjoyed a visit to our local zoo and really enjoyed the bird house.

Let’s think Spring everyone!

This flower was captured at the stream running through Lodi last summer, but I can’t help but think it will bloom again soon this Spring.

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