Stretch and don’t fall…

Look at the stretch for a meaty bud.


The squirrels this time of year really go out on a limb to get the tender buds for dinner. This guy really went into a stretch and they are up so high. They are quite the acrobats!


Spring Flowers

Bleeding Heart


Couldn’t resist taking a photo with the early morning sun hitting our bleeding heart plant. It just struck me as looking so beautiful.

A Late Afternoon Visitor

Coopers Hawk eyeing our backyard

This Coopers Hawk has been coming quite frequently to our backyard. He must like what he sees, but thankfully he flies away empty handed. I train my songbirds to be smart. Big shadow flying overhead the songbirds dissappear. He sure is beautiful to look at though.

The Warblers are back!

Pine Warbler


I do believe this is a Pine Warbler. I didn’t even realize that they ate at suet feeders, but so glad this one did. Looking forward to the many other warblers that travel through our backyard.

Ruby-crowned Kinglet

Ruby-crowned Kinglet


Here is another early spring visitor that came to our yard. This warbler like bird is quite tiny and this male when excited or trying to attract a mate has a little red crown patch that fluffs up on top of his head. Hopefully he’ll be around long enough and stay still  for me to capture that little red tuff. You can just barely see it on the top of his head now.

Lavender Blue Violets

My pretty violets

I look forward to this every spring seeing all my violets come up and the amazing colors that I have. I only wish they could last longer, but perhaps this year we’ll have them around a little longer due to this great weather.

Eastern Towhee

Look how handsome I am!


I love when this happens…….a new bird I haven’t seen before visits my backyard. This was really special yesterday and this guy hung around for quite awhile. This is why I love the Spring migration.

The Chipping Sparrow

Chipping Sparrow

What a pleasant suprise when Bruce and I went for our morning walk and I looked up and heard this beautiful little bird singing and I said “the chipping sparrow is back”. Everyday seems to bring another new visitor to our yard.

The Changing Colors of Spring

spring colors on an American Goldfinch

It’s so much fun to watch how these male goldfinches come into there beautiful plumage to attract just the right mate. These guys are are always singing like crazy trying to attract those females. I can listen to them for hours.

Buddies at the Birdbath

Goldfinch and a House Finch


This little American Goldfinch is wondering if his “cousin” the House Finch is ever going to let him in to also get his bath. The birdbath has been a very popular site so far this year.

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