I’m not pretty, but cooled off!

bad hair day!

This Blue Jay is definitely enjoying being able to cool off in the birdbath, but we’ve had record high temps and all the birds are visiting daily to stay cool. Good thing we have 4 birdbaths.


A little change of scenery

Pink columbine

This pretty columbine is transplanting itself all around our yard. My dad used to call this plant honeysuckle. Whatever it’s called I love when the hummingbirds come to visit it.

Yep, another warbler!

Magnolia Warbler

I think this maybe Bruces favorite warbler. They certainly have the bright contrasting colors. I’m going to be very sad when these warblers continue their journey North.  With a little luck, maybe some will decide our yard is the perfect breeding habitat and stay.

You can never have too many warblers visit!

Chestnut-sided warbler


Well,  they just keep coming and I keep photographing. This Chestnut-sided warbler is really pretty and has been visiting the yard for the past couple of days. I sure hope he stays awhile.

The Northern Parula

Northern Parula


I love the looks of this beautiful little warbler. This was taken on Mother’s Day when we had an abudant of warblers and other birds showing themselves in our yard. I think I’d have to say that this is one of my favorites.

A Fight for the Birdbath

Get out of my bath....NOW!


This Rose-breasted Grosbeak doesn’t look to worried that the Scarlet Tanager is giving him “lip”, or should I say “beak”, about being in the birdbath. Two beautiful birds that visited on Mother’s Day.

Baltimore Oriole

Baltimore Oriole


It’s always a thrill to see the first baltimore oriole of the season. This male did not dissappoint. A couple days later an immature male showed up to the jelly dish. Now, I only hope we get an Orchard Oriole to show back up this year.

Three warblers in a birdbath!

golden wing warbler with two yellow warblers


Was so happy to see these three bathing together. Here are two yellow warblers and a golden-winged warbler. I’ve had yellow warblers visit before, but the golden-winged warbler is new to our backyard this spring. Love these brilliant colors.

Nashville Warbler

Nashville Warbler


Here is another warbler that came to our yard to visit. Now that the leaves are filling out in the branches of the trees it’s almost impossible to photograph these little birds unless they stop by for a drink out of the birdbath or our pond.

Black-throated green warbler

Black-throated green warbler


It’s always such a treat when a new warbler comes to visit our yard. I feel even more fortunate when they sit still for me to take there photo.

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