Sweets for the “sweet hummers”

nummy nector!


The hummingbirds are so much fun to watch, especially when they are buzzing one another. They sure have a beautiful week of great weather to enjoy all the sweet flowers.


It’s Feeding Time

Red-bellied woodpecker


Just a typical day in our backyard at one of the feeders. This guy came back often for a seed, then flew off to eat and then back again to start the whole process over.

The All-American Bird

American Robin


Just an American Robin, but he is striking to look at none the less. We have quite a few in our yard and they are ALWAYS in the birdbath. They are probably the cleanest birds I know. Let’s face it, they spend a good portion of time digging in the dirt for worms, no wonder they bathe a lot.

Olbrichs many colors

I absolutely love this color combination. This spring I was lucky enough to purchase the small purple foliage plants and now I can enjoy the beautiful colors all summer long. This photo was taken though at Olbrich Gardens.

Always some new bird using the birdbath

House Wren


I love these little house wrens, but I usually don’t get to photograph them often as they are always moving in the brush. Glad I was able to capture this little guy when he took a break for a drink.

Main Street on Mackinac Island

We just booked our annual visit to Mackinac Island. This shows the main street early in the morning before the crowds arrive via ferry boat. It’s always so peaceful in the early morning and then late at night.

Love the UW Arboretum

I should have gotten the name of this tree that I photographed in the Arboretum last year. I just love the looks of it. It had a velvety look and feel to it. I will have to track it down this year and get it’s name.

Ready for my bath!

Checking me out, right?


We had a large flock of Cedar Waxwings come into the yard early last evening. I especially like this photo of this bird looking as though he/she is giving “attitude”.

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