Taking a Fall Walk…

overlooking northshore bay, Lake Mendota


If you live in Madison I hope you’ll get a chance to walk out to Governor’s Island on Lake Mendota. It’s really a cool area that puts you right out onto a point on the lake where you have a beautiful view of Maple Bluff, Shorewood, Spring Harbor and the capitol city itself.



Even the dragonflies get into the fall foliage. It’s fun watching these guys flying around the pond and then taking a break on the black-eyed susans.

Spreading Mother Nature’s Seeds

Milkweed explosion


Loved how the sun captured the explosion of these milkweed seeds.  This was taken on Mackinac Island this year. What a glorious 3 days.

Passing Through…

Fall yellow-rumped warbler


This little Yellow-rumped warbler visited a few days before the North winds sent him on his way migrating South.  I miss these little birds so much during the winter.

Hey Chubby!

Chubby Robin


Okay, this Robin was just fluffing his feathers in the birdbath, but he does make a cute “chubby” robin.

Autumn colors at the birdbath

This little Nashville Warbler stopping off to get a drink and bath before his long flight South. I’ll miss all these little birds when there gone.

Fall at the birdbath

Northern Flicker & Robin

It’s always interesting to see who visits the birdbath. I enjoyed watching this Robin and Northern Flicker drinking next to each other and getting along so well.

Sailing through the Straits of Mackinac

Sailing through the Straits of Mackinac


While on Mackinac Island we saw several large freighters sailing through the Straits. This happens to be a ship our neighbor, Bill,  has sailed on in the past.

Stacking rocks on Mackinac Island

While visiting Mackinac Island we saw these rocks stacked all around the perimeter of the island. My husband and I call them “menahunni” rocks. You’ll see rocks stacked like this in the Hawaiian Islands as well.

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