Lighthouse in the mist..

I can almost hear the fog horn blowing at Round Island Lighthouse across from Mackinac Island.


Feel the Warmth..

taken out at Pope Park Farm


Our temperatures are warming to the mid 40’s the end of the week, so I needed some flowers to welcome them. Only wish the warm temperatures would last, but Spring will be here soon, I hope!

Seasons Greetings

House Finches

The finches are all the decoration this tree needs. Happy Holidays to everyone.

Christmas is on it’s way..

Black- capped Chickadee

This photo so reminded me of Xmas that I used it for my Xmas card last year. I hope you get that feeling as well.

lst snowfall of the year..

I have to admit, the snow is pretty. I guess we’ll have a white Christmas after all.

Baby It’s Cold Outside..

black capped chickadee


This little Chickadee is trying to stay warm during a snowy morning. He was so cute with the snow falling around him.

Winter Is Here

female cardinal


I really like this photo of the female cardinal even though she is out of focus. This photo turned into one of my Christmas cards this year. It was a day that the snow was falling and I loved how my camera captured this picture.

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