Cold and Hungry…

This juvenile Coopers Hawk sat on a pile of brush in the snow just waiting for dinner. Normally, this is where all my House Sparrows roost. I have a feeling they were all hidden inside the brush pile. The hawk sat there for a good half hour and finally gave up and went on his merry way.


Anyone for sailing?

I wish I could say this was our sailboat, but it isn’t. It does have the name of our daughter on it though, and we did have a sailboat with the same name. Only wish we could go sailing again on “our Aria”.

For my #1 fan, Ann!

With the frigid temperatures outside it amazes me how the birds stay warm. This Mourning Dove is all fluffed up trying to stay warm in this extremely cold weather.  I know they fuel their bodies with the food we provide. Lord knows we’ve got plenty of feeders outside and suet cages to help them survive the winters. This picture is for my friend Ann A.

Ice Boating

A couple of weeks ago we had a large ice boat regatta on Lake Mendota. These were just a few of the boats that participated. When we went down to the staging area, one of the crew said it was too cold and windy so they postponed the race till later that day. I thought that was so funny because isn’t it suppose to be cold and windy. The race did get underway later, but we didn’t stay around to watch.

The Old Lake View Sanatorium

This is a photo of the Lake View Hill Sanatorium which was built in the 1930’s and used as a tuberculosis hospital until 1966. It now houses Dane County Human Services. This building and grounds (all 48 acres) has a fascinating history. If you live in Madison or the surrounding areas be sure to stop by and check out the views from the Hill and take a stroll through the woods behind. Hopefully, we can preserve a part of history. here.

Hooty Hoot

A Great Horned Owl


I love these owls, to me they are magnificent. You can always hear them late at night calling.  What a wonderful sound.

Welcome 2011

My cousin and his wife are antique collectors and I loved this carousel horse they had at there home.  Hope you like it too.

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