Sunbathing in the Tree..

I'm trying to sleep here!

Even on a really cold day, this squirrel seeks out the sun to help warm up.  He looks pretty relaxed to me!


It’s Snowing Again…

Thankfully some birds don’t abandon us during these snow storms. It was nice to see this house sparrow and female cardinal hanging around.

Happy Valentines Day!

I think this bleeding heart plant says it all.  I look forward to this plant pushing up through the soil soon. We’re in for a big snow melt this week and then it won’t be long when all my wildflowers pop through.

The Sun is Shining!

For this Red-bellied woodpecker it is a welcome sight. For me the winter has gone on long enough. I also welcome the sunshine and hope we get an early Spring like Jimmy the groundhog predicted.

Abundant and Aggressive

House Sparrow


That is what this House Sparrow is described in the National Geographic Birds of North America bird book. I just like the way he looks sitting perched in our burning bush. His coloring blends right in with the branches. They are truly abundant in the winter time and come in large groups.

I’m a pretty female!

female cardinal


Some say the male species in the bird world is more beautiful than the female. I, however, think this female cardinal is really striking looking. I think there winter plumage is brighter in the winter and therefore, this makes for a pretty bird.

Rosy Red..

This beautiful little finch really captured my eye while sitting on a branch with the snow falling around him. I’m so grateful when these little birds spend their winters here in our backyard.

The Sun Feels So Good!

At least I think this Mourning Dove is feeling that way.  After our blizzard this week, the cold has really set in, but the sun helps. You can see that this dove is fluff up to keep his body warm.

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