Loving the Springtime..

Song Sparrow

I took a picture of this little Song Sparrow down by the Mariners Restaurant on the Northside of Madison. Went looking to see what ducks I could see in the water and this songbird sure caught my attention. What a wonderful melody could be heard from this tiny bird.


Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!

I believe these Canadian Geese are trying to stake out their territory. Now comes the time of year where you don’t want to get to close to Mama or Papa.

More Sandhills…

Do you ever wonder if standing on one leg is “really” that relaxing? This pair of Sandhill Cranes appear to look quite comfortable. I look forward to visiting¬† Warner Park again to look at these beautiful birds.

It’s Spring when the Sandhill Cranes come back..

Sandhill Crane

Love seeing this regal Sandhill Crane down at Warner Park. I’ve been down a couple of times to see this magnificent¬† bird. We’re extremely lucky to have a natural habitat so close.

Friends for now..

Male House Sparrows

These male House Sparrows seem friendly towards each other now, but when it comes to finding their mate they may not stay so friendly with each other.

Geese in Flight

With the Spring Migration in full swing, I was able to capture this pair of Canadian Geese getting ready to fly into Warner Park. It’s nesting time now and it won’t be long before we have babies swimming around the marsh.

Ready or Not, We’re Here…

Spring Robin

There’s nothing like spotting your lst Robin after a long and snowy winter. Gives you hope there is warmer weather right around the corner. Welcome back and please stay awhile!

Soon to be leaving..

Dark-eyed Junco

This beautiful Junco will soon be heading North now that the warmer weather is arriving. As much as I’ve enjoyed this little guy, I am ready for Spring and look forward to the migrating birds heading North.

Same Photo, different look..

Juvenile Coopers Hawk

With the help of my cousin, he showed me how to lighten this photo by adjusting the contrast and brightness. Thanks John, hope I improved the quality of this photo.

Anyone Here??

This young Coopers Hawk came into our yard and perched on one of my most active feeders. Somehow, the other songbirds decided to scatter. He looks a little disappointed, but a closer look at his beak seems to show he’s already had a snack.

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