The yard is complete now that the Spiderwort is blooming.  I find it so pretty during the day and then it closes up in the evening.  This is one perennial that’s a keeper.


The Mikado

From House on the Rock

One of many music displays at House on the Rock. This one was the Mikado. We had run out of tokens by the time we had come to this musical display, but thankfully someone behind us had some and played the music for it. This photo doesn’t do it justice though. It’s pretty cool when the music is going and the “mikado man” makes all these gestures.

Infinity and Beyond..

Infinity Room at House on the Rock

House on the Rock in Spring Green, Wisconsin is a nice day trip from Madison and that’s just what my daughter and granddaughters did on Tuesday. Above is the Infinity Room in the Old Mill house, just one of many things to see here.  If you have problems with heights this might be tough walking out to the end as it’s cantilevered off of this huge rock.  An amazing place to visit.

Butterflies are Here…

Female Tiger Swallowtail

I never knew there was a difference in the female and the male Tiger Swallowtail, but sure enough, the female has the beautiful blue at the bottom of her wings and the male doesn’t.  I learn something new each day.

A Pretty Cardinal Pair..

Cardinal pair

It’s always wonderful to see the breeding pairs together.  Here’s one of my favorite photos capturing the female in focus.

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

I’m so glad we get to see the Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers in our yard.  I was able to see one up close and personal at the beginning of Spring when it flew into our windows and unfortunately died. What a beautiful bird though.  We have plenty of trees for these birds to enjoy.

Hot Stuff..

Male Cardinal

Just can’t get over how brightly colored this male Cardinal is.  He is definitely striking a pose for some cute female.  I see cardinals all year long, but this guy really caught my eye.  He brings a lot of color to our backyard.

Love the Hummingbirds

Ruby-throated Hummingbird

Another little bird I get excited to see in the Spring is the lst hummingbird coming into our yard.  They seem to always have to compete with the Baltimore Orioles for their nector feeder, but they somehow make it work.

Pretty Bird…

female Indigo Bunting

I had a little trouble identifying this bird. When I first saw it I thought it was a new sparrow and I looked and looked in my bird books to try and identify it.  Finally I asked the Madison Audubon Society for help and they determined it was actually a female Indigo Bunting.  How pretty is she?  Her coloring was so different from the one I had posted earlier in my blog, so thought it was worth showing another picture of this pretty lady.

Another Pair in the Pond..

Nashville and Chestnut-sided warbler

This time we have a Chestnut-sided Warbler and a Nashville Warbler enjoying the pond. These birds always add extra color to their surroundings and make for a wonderful photo opportunity.

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