Colorful Coleus

My coleus this year went crazy, but I love the color contrast that these two plants show. Also, I can’t believe how high these plants grew. Taller than what they said, but I will definitely put this in my container garden next year.


Gray-headed Coneflower

We should all get out and enjoy the beautiful wildflowers while we can. Fall is right around the corner. Wisconsin has an abundance of  prairie wildflowers growing in fields and right along the roadside. Enjoy this beauty while we have it!

Chip or Dale?

Actually, this little guy is probably trying to keep an eye out for the “BIG GUY” that lives in the house that doesn’t like chipmunks living in our yard.  Well, he still makes for a cute photograph.  How long this little one is around is another matter…

Hungry Orioles

The activity at our jelly dish with the Baltimore Orioles has been very heavy. I guess they’re  all gearing up for the trek South for the winter.  They will go through the jelly dish and empty it in an afternoon. Stocked up on some oranges to help out now too. I sure am going to miss all these birds this winter.


While sitting on our porch, I thought I heard a little something different coming from our pond. Sure enough, we have a pair of frogs enjoying the habitat. I couldn’t get over this close-up photo of this frogs eye. It appears to be so golden with black accents. Anyway, I think we’ll be hearing a lot of frog activity from now on.

It’s Yellow….

And this wildflower was found up in the woods at Lake View Hill. Now, does anyone know what kind of flower this is?  My guess was Canada Hawkweed, but that is just a guess. Regardless, I love the color and I thought it was worth photographing. Hope you enjoy the photo as well.

White Hydrangea

I wanted to put this photo up for a friend today. It’s my way of sending her flowers while she recuperates from some surgery. Yes Sue, it’s for you and I hope you like it. I know it isn’t very colorful, but it is from my yard and just pretend there is a whole bouquet of them for you. Get well soon.

Male 12-Spotted Skimmer

Thanks once again to the Madison Audubon Society, they have helped me identify this dragonfly. Normally I am not a “bug” person, but I thought this guy was really cool. I guess there is a place in the world for all of these creatures.

Wood Phlox

At least I believe this is Wood Phlox, so if someone out there knows this plant by a different name, please let me know. This is just another wildflower that has come up in our yard and the bees and butterflies love them, of course, I think there pretty too.

Not So Scary…

Tiger Swallowtail

I couldn’t get my husband to look at the spider I put up on my blog, so I thought he’d like this butterfly better. Finally got the butterflies to land on our butterfly plant. I love the contrasting colors on this photo, and I hope you do too.

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