Main Street at Night

I’ve debated whether or not to post this photo because I did not take it and my husband, Bruce, did.  Well, since this is my photo blog, what the heck I posted it. We actually just came back from Mackinac Island on our annual fall trip.  This was a photo taken in 2009 on a visit up to the island. This is taken looking down towards the Iroqouis Hotel by Windemere Point. Hope you all enjoy it.


Sunset on Mackinac Island

At sunset time you’ll find the boardwalk packed with people, cameras, and tripods all ready to capture the beautiful sunset you can see from Mackinac Island, Michigan.  Rarely is anyone disappointed with this spectacular view.  I’m hoping to capture some more gorgeous sunsets soon.

Mackinac Island Carriage Tours

It’s a gorgeous morning on Mackinac Island in Michigan and the Carriage Tours are lining up to head into town to pick up the many visitors wanting to take a tour of the island on these horse drawn carriages. We will soon be making our annual visit to this magical island and it’s always fun to go “back in time”.

Pretty Pair..

I found this pair of  Sandhill Cranes enjoying the grass up at our Lake View Hill. They sure have a big lawn and a spectacular view of the city to enjoy while they are grazing.  I’m sure they are preparing to head South soon for their winter vacation. They will be missed and I always look forward to there return in the Spring. Safe trip you two!

It’s Berry Time..

The flocks of Cedar Waxwings will be coming through and eating all the berries on the bushes as they head South. I love the looks of these little “masked” birds. They are fun to watch and usually come in large groups.

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