Cardinals are Here to Stay

One bird I can count on to help me get through our winter is the Cardinal. We always have a lot of cardinals that enjoy the many feeders we supply through our long winters. They sure are pretty when sitting in a bush or at the heated birdbath after a big snowstorm. Thanks for staying around here guys and gals.


Dark-eyed Junco’s are back..

As much as I like these little Junco’s, they remind me of the season soon to come …… winter. They remain here all winter long and then in the Spring they head North. They must really like the cooler temperatures. Well, it’s still always fun to see all the different migratory birds that come through.

Fall Orange-crowned Warbler

This was a special treat last weekend when I was able to catch a couple of photos of this warbler. Fall warblers are usually very hard for me to identify, so with the help of Madison Audubon Society I was able to identify this beautiful little bird. I didn’t realize I’d still be seeing warblers migrating through this late in the season, so it was a nice surprise. I sure will be happy when they return on their Spring migration.

Merganser on Mackinac Island

Maybe I should call this Bruce and Joleen’s Blog. Here is a photo my husband took while riding around the island. I was unable to make the bike trip this year, but couldn’t pass up this wonderful photo he took of this Common Merganser.  At least I was able to see this little bit of wildlife through his photography.

Sitting Room at the Iroqouis

This is one of 3 sitting rooms at the beautiful Iroqouis Hotel on Mackinac Island. This hotel is so inviting and always a pleasure to come and stay. We’ve stayed at several hotels on the island, including the Grand Hotel, and none can hold a candle to this place. We will continue to come back year after year and stay at this wonderful hotel.

Freighter, Walter J. McCarthy Jr.

Another foggy day on Mackinac Island with the freighter, Walter J. McCarthy Jr., heading through to Lake Michigan. The Straits were quite active with freighter travel this season, which we love. It was eerie hearing their fog horns during the middle of the night when they came through.  Our room overlooked the Straits and this photo was taken from our window. Can’t get much closer than this.

Private Carriage Tours

On our latest visit to Mackinac Island our week was spent mostly in the fog. On our morning walk  to the coffee shop at the marina we saw all the private carriages lined up waiting the arrival of the lst boat load of tourists visiting this magical place. These horses get quite the workout during the days. It’s one of the many ways to see and hear all about this fascinating place.

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