Happy Holidays to All!

This is hoping that everyone has a wonderful holiday seasonĀ  and a better New Year. We will be without snow this Christmas, but I was able to find a photo of this pretty female cardinal enjoying this snowfall we had last winter. I’m so grateful I have all these beautiful birds around in our yard to help pass the time during the long winter months.


Trying to keep warm…

This cute pair of House Sparrows are trying to stay warm in this cold weather. I think these guys enjoy the heated birdbath we keep filled all winter long and find some shelter in our big brush pile. I’m already thinking Springtime, I wonder if they are too.

The Old Farm Cat

This past weekend I went with my granddaughter and her Brownie Troop to visit a horse stable where they each got to ride and learn all about horses. When walking around the paddocks I noticed this cat atop his perch in the yard. I just couldn’t resist and had to take his picture. He was definitely keeping an eye on all that was around him.

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