Squirrel loving the sunshine..

This squirrel seemed to be enjoying the nice sunshine on a cold winter day. I’m surprised he wasn’t joined by his many brothers and sisters. We sure have a lot of squirrels this winter calling our yard their home.


Pretty female Cardinal

No matter how beautiful the bright male cardinal is, I still think the female is gorgeous too. One of these times I hope to capture both the male and female in the same frame. Come on birds, cooperate with this photographer.

It’s My Turn Next….

My birds are pretty well behaved. They take turns eating at the feeders and many times they are sitting right on top of one another it gets so busy.  I like how this cardinal is eyeing the downy woodpecker as if to say “It’s my turn next”.

Northern Flicker Here for the Winter..

I’m thrilled that this Northern Flicker is hanging around our yard this winter.  When we had snow falling the other morning, this Flicker stayed at the feeder for about 10 minutes.  Makes for a happy day!

When it snows, see what happens…..

These House Sparrows go crazy at the feeder. It can be so quiet around the yard when the weather is nice, but as soon as we get snow our feeders are full of our feathered friends. That is ONE nice aspect of a winter snowstorm.

Where is the snow?

We still have no snow on the ground and it looks like this squirrel is either prayer for snow or praying it doesn’t snow. Regardless, I sure think this little guy is cute. It’s still early and I’m sure we’ll get a ton, but for now let’s enjoy no shoveling.

Loving the suet feeder

We don’t have any snow on the ground this year yet, but that doesn’t mean the birds aren’t going crazy eating up all the bird seed or hitting up our suet feeders. I was able to take a photo of this Downy Woodpecker through my kitchen window. He sure seems to enjoy the suet we supply for his needs and for our other feathered friends.

Happy New Year!

Here I thought the Northern Flickers headed South for the winter, but this one keeps coming to our suet feeder and I love these birds. I had to take this photo through our window and cranking open the window usually scares the birds away but I was able to catch a few pictures before he flew off. I’ll be keeping my eye out for this guy all winter and I’ll be sure we have plenty of suet for these beautiful birds.

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