Yellow Tail..

This is the first year that we’ve had Northern Flickers at our suet feeder pretty much daily. I know I showed a few photos of this bird over the winter, but this one really shows his bright yellow tail. I still feel this is a striking looking bird. A little color over the winter is always welcome.


Still at the Zoo..

Out of the Aviary now and over to the lion enclosure. These two were really enjoying the abundant sunshine on this day. There was another young lion in the enclosure, but I wasn’t able to capture all three together.  Still magnificent creatures to observe.

Blue and Gold Macaws

As you head out of the aviary at Henry Vilas Zoo, you’ll be entertained by the beautiful, talkative Macaws.  These guys are really fun to watch and listen to. If you haven’t been to our zoo lately, please take time to stop and visit, after all it’s free!

Zoo Visit

Not your everyday backyard bird, but isn’t this bird beautiful?  My husband and I went to our local zoo on Sunday and we found this beauty in the aviary. I’m afraid I didn’t find out what kind of bird this was or where it was from, but regardless I’m glad he sat still long enough so I could take a few photos of him.


I don’t think hearts have to be red… they? Anyway, I think these white bleeding hearts can convey the same thought….Happy Valentines Day everyone!

Anxiously Awaiting…

Indigo Bunting

With this mild winter we are having I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of all the Spring and Summer birds to this area. I know it’s a ways off, but that’s what keeps me going during these winter months.  I hope I see more of the Indigo Buntings this summer as they sure are a beautiful bird with such striking plumage. Think Spring everyone!

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