Spring Pink Blossoms

When you live in Wisconsin, or any other Northern State for that matter, Spring is always such a rebirth of new growth. It’s always exciting to wake up and see what else is new and blossoming. These pretty pink blossoms are no exception. It maybe a dreary day today, but headed back to the UW Arboretum to see what else has broken from it’s winter dormancy.


Turkey’s Take Over the Arboretum

While driving into the UW Arboretum the other day, you had to share the road with the many turkeys that call this sanctuary their home.  This guy kept strutting his stuff by fanning out his feathers.  I bet I saw a total of 12 turkeys that day. Our arboretum is such a wonderful place to visit. Heading there again on Sat. morning with a friend to see what we can see.

Arboretum Magnolias

These trees are so beautiful when in full bloom. I was lucky enough to capture early blossoms and full blossums. There are some more trees to come into bloom and I hope to make it back out and photograph them. The yellow variety is just beautiful, but wasn’t quite ready on this past trip. Hoping to get back this week, if the weather cooperates.

Spring in the UW Arboretum

I went to the UW Arboretum today as the Magnolia blossoms are out and while walking around in the gardens I came across this beautiful bed of daffodils. It smelled so sweet in the Arb today and it won’t be long before the lilacs are in full bloom. From what I hear, it’s was 17 years ago that the Magnolias blossomed this early in the season. It’s been an amazing Spring so far.

Nesting Time…

I saw this cute little Pine Siskin gathering nesting material (almost looks like floss) under and around our bird feeder on the front lawn. Now if I could only find out where he’s building his nesting site. I bet all the birds around here are getting a little eager with such warm temperatures. I love this time of year!

Ducks, Ducks, Colorful Ducks!

I took this photo last Spring over behind the Nautigal Restaurant, on Madison’s Northside,  and was thrilled to see two different ducks and their mates swimming around. This photo shows a Hooded Merganser and a Greater Scaup. I’ve been checking often now this time of year to see if they come back to the same area. I sure hope so as they are really beautiful. Keep your fingers crossed and I hope I can maybe see a couple of other species of waterfowl this year.

Golden Green and Blue

Another sign of Spring is this pretty foliage coming up in our neighbors yard.  After seeing so much brown during the winter, this really is a nice site to see. Bring on all the other colorful signs of Spring please!

Looking Good, I Like What I See…

Our weather in Madison, WI has been just beautiful this Spring with temperatures way above normal and I believe it is here to stay. Since the weather has been so warm we’ve been enjoying the outdoors and this is enabling me to keep my camera right by my side and seeing all of the beautiful birds coming into the yard. We are sure seeing lots of beautiful cardinals and it’s fun to watch all the males chasing one another. This guy had a little break from the chase and was able to quietly drink from the birdbath. He also seemed to be fixed on his reflection in the water.

It’s Almost that Time…

Our snow is totally gone and the temperatures are warming up FAST. It won’t be long now till we see these beautiful little flowers sprout in our neighbors yard.  Bring on all the beautiful blossoms that are about to appear this time of year.

1st Robin of 2012

Friday we had a snowstorm and it was probably the most snow we’ve had that has fallen all winter and look who shows up but the 1st Spring Robin of the year. What a sight it was watching it perched with the snow falling around it. I always get excited welcoming these birds back from their winter homes. I know some Robins stick around for the winter, but they aren’t visiting our backyard if they do. Welcome back my pretty friends!

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