Tennessee Warbler

This is another Warbler that came through last week and usually spends quite a bit of time in our area. I like how I was able to get this photo while he was peeking out of the greenery. Thank goodness this arborvitae is right next to our pond and birdbath. The weather has not been too nice lately with quite a bit of rain and cold, but hopefully that will turn around this week and maybe with warmer temps and southerly breezes we’ll see more warblers in the yard.



  1. May 8, 2012 at 7:10 pm

    Great capture, the greenery really does add a nice touch. I’m loving your warbler posts, I’m learning as you share!

  2. jkgphotos said,

    May 8, 2012 at 10:06 pm

    Donna, I had a Tennessee warbler fly into one of our windows yesterday and thankfully just stunned himself. I was able to pick him up and put him in a shaded area with bushes and kept an eye on him and he flew away a half hour later. I liked to think he came back and visited me again today to say “thank you”. I absolutely go nuts over these warblers coming through each year. So glad you enjoy the photos of them.

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