A Golden Crown

Golden-crowned Kinglet

I don’t always get a chance to view this cute bird each year as they are quite fast and elusive. This Golden-crowned Kinglet is another favorite visitor to our backyard. Early in the Spring I see the Ruby-crowned Kinglet more than I see this little bird. The female is the one with the yellow on the top of her head, whereas the male  has an orange crown patch bordered in yellow and black.


It’s All About the Jelly Dish..

Male Baltimore Oriole

The Baltimore Orioles are regular visitor’s to this jelly dish. It’s always nice to see them come flying in, both males and females, landing on the  feeder and enjoying the sweet fruit. A welcomed visitor I will never get tired of seeing. Yesterday I went to visit our local winery, Wollersheim Winery, and this must be the orioles vineyard. Everyone loves the grapes!

Eastern Phoebe

Eastern Phoebe

I sure enjoy this beautiful bird that comes to perch on branches and feeder poles near our pond. They are so quick at getting insects and one of their favorite spots to eat seems to be over the pond. I’m glad we can supply the insects they so love to eat. I’m glad they choose to stick around our area during breeding season.

Hello Handsome!

Male American Redstart

Last year I was lucky enough to get a good photo of the female American Redstart. This year the “Mr.” posed nicely for me. These little birds are easily spotted when up in the tree tops as to their bold coloring. Most of the warbler type birds have left our yard, for the time being, but I did see a female Redstart visit yesterday to our birdbath. It is always a treat to see these little birds come in to our yard. It sure makes this time of year very special.

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