I Like the Jelly Too..


The two birds that continually come to my jelly dish are the Baltimore Orioles and the Catbirds. This Catbird looks as though he’s saying “You looking at me, are you looking at me”. I’m sure glad he did look my way, I really like this capture of this handsome bird. I still can’t help but think our bird visitors are somewhat down in our backyard due to our weird weather we’ve had this summer. I hope the fall migration still stops on it’s way back to it’s southern regions and that it will be plentiful.


Yep, Another Butterfly..

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterfly

This is also an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail and I’m so glad I had some wildflowers for him to land on. My butterfly plant finished early this year due to the heat, but little did I remember I had these pretty purple flowers come up on our slope in the backyard. I’ve still yet to get a photo of a monarch butterfly, but I’m staying hopeful with my camera close by. Wish me luck viewers.

It’s a Question Mark…

The Question Mark Butterfly

Hopefully I have identified this butterfly correctly, it’s called “The Question Mark” or polygonia interogations. That’s a mouthful, I think I’ll stay with the Question Mark. I took this photo early in the summer and thought it a pretty unique looking butterfly. Right now, Olbrich Gardens, our local botanical gardens has a large butterfly collection in it’s domed habitat. I’ll have to take advantage of this and take my camera over to try and  capture some nice photos.

Butterfly Time…

Black Eastern Tiger Swallowtail

While going through these photos I took awhile back, I was surprised to see the cool reflection in our pond of this Black Eastern Tiger Swallowtail. I’m so happy that we even had butterflies around because we’ve had such a tough heat wave and drought, it was destroying all of the wildflowers we had growing. We couldn’t even keep up with the watering. Luckily, these butterflies are pretty tough.

Blue Velvet #2

Indigo Bunting

Just another view of an Indigo Bunting. I like the green background and deep blue of this bunting, makes quite a contrast. I’m hoping to see some more now that our weather has broken a bit and we’ve gotten some much needed rain. Not enough, by far, but it’s a start. Come back and visit soon Indigo’s and bring your babies with.

Blue Velvet

Indigo Bunting

When posting this photo of an Indigo Bunting I had the song “Blue Velvet” running through my head. I have to say, he looks like he could feel like velvet and the blue on these birds are so rich and deep in color. While sitting out on the patio this morning, my husband and I enjoyed a male Indigo stop by at our bird feeder. I’m glad to see some of these birds still staying around despite the horribly dry and hot weather. Hope your enjoying the birds wherever your living.

Palm Warbler

Palm Warbler

I was able to capture this little guy before our heat wave struck and the plants around the pond were still a lush green. Now our plantings are pretty stressed due to no water, even with our watering it just isn’t the same. I’m sure this is also affecting our visiting birds, not as active as it once was. Hope you can enjoy this photo and please rain come soon!

Happy 4th of July America!

Hermit Thrush

I’m afraid I have slowed down in my posting….must be due to the hot weather, or that’s the excuse I’ll use. It looks like this Hermit Thrush is ready to cool off in the birdbath and I can’t blame him. We have been under a terrible heat wave in the midwest and it shows that by the weekend it should let up a bit. This photo was taken awhile ago, but still seemed appropriate seeing he/she was ready for a dip. Right now we’re seeing all the fledglings in and about the yard. For the most part though, they are staying hidden out of the heat of the day. Enjoy your holiday everyone and God Bless America!

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