How Cute am I?

House Wren

This post has been edited as I identified this little bird incorrectly thinking this was a House Wren when in fact I guess it is a Winter Wren somewhat uncommon in this area, but probably due to the migration he made a quick stop. Thank you Andy Paulios for the correction. I have to say, this little Winter Wren puts a huge smile on my face! Yesterday this little guy was having a blast in our pond and he was wonderful to pose for me. We had quite a time this summer watching our House Wrens fight off the House Sparrows bullying them at their birdhouse. I’m hoping the Wren found a place to lay her eggs in peace and quiet. One can only hope! We’re still in for beautiful weather for the next week so maybe I’ll have this little one come and visit again.


Cousins Perhaps?

Wood Thrush and Swainsons Thrush

It was nice that this Wood Thrush and Swainsons Thrush landed at the birdbath at the same time so I could get a good look at both and check out the differences. Both are really nice looking with the Wood Thrush a little bigger and more bold in coloring, reddish brown above, brightest on the crown and nape with large dark spots on a whitish throat, breasts and sides. The Swainsons is brownish above, bright buffy breast with dark spots, brownish- gray sides and flanks. Both of these birds have been seen regularly in our backyard over the last couple of weeks. They will be missed when they decide to move on.

I See Spots, Do You See Spots..

Wood Thrush

Look at the spots on this Wood Thrush! Such a pretty breasted bird. I’ve always had a tough time telling the Thrushes apart, but this Wood Thrush was easy to spot.  Reddish-brown above, brightest on the crown and nape. Large dark spots on whitish throat, breast and sides. It was fun watching him share the birdbath with his cousin the Swainsons Thrush of which I’ve had many this fall in the yard. All birdies welcome at our backyard!

Fall Female Cardinal

female cardinal

I just happened to think this female cardinal looked so gorgeous perched on this feeder pole I just had to post her. It’s been a busy fall with lots of migrating birds coming through and fun seeing the lst year youngsters too. I have to urge people now to please put up decals on the windows as the birds are hitting the windows more frequently when they are migrating. Right now I have a Swainsons Thrush in a basket covered up keeping quiet as I hope she/he is just stunned from hitting our window by the front door. Even though we have decals up, some birds still hit the windows. Let’s hope this thrush comes back after a little bit of “quiet time”. Happy birding everyone 🙂

A Surprise! Where is my Scarlet Coloring

Fall Scarlet Tanager

I was so delighted when this bird landed at our backyard pond. At lst glance I thought “oh, a goldfinch”, but then taking a closer look I noticed this bird was quite a bit bigger and then my next thought was a female Scarlet Tanager, but still not sure. Funny that on this same day, I brought in my “Birds and Blooms”  issue from the mailbox and here on one of the pages was the same bird and they were asking for an identification. I was right, it was a Scarlet Tanager, but it was a male. When they molt their scarlet coloring they go into their winter yellow-green plumage.  Here I only saw this male tanager once this summer and now he’s been visiting daily to the pond. A true treat for me. Maybe next Spring I’ll get lucky and he’ll come back when he’s in his beautiful breeding color of scarlet and black.

Buzzing all Around the Yard…

Ruby-throated Hummingbird

The Hummingbirds must be gearing up for their long flight South. They are buzzing all around our yard. My nectar feeder is being sucked down in about 3 days, but I sure hope these entertaining birds stay around awhile longer. They are so fun to watch and I DON’T want them to leave too soon. As much as I love this time of year, it also brings a little sadness that some of these birds will be leaving soon. Oh, the circle of life!


Robin, Red-eyed vireo, Swainson Thrush

It may not be the best photo I’ve taken, but I love it when there is “harmony” in the birdbath. Here we have a Robin, a Red-eyed Vireo and a Swainson’s Thrush. I only wish we could have had more. The temperature is cooling off a bit and we are still seeing a nice variety of birds coming through our yard. I really do enjoy this part of fall except when we say good-bye to some of our feathered friends. The Baltimore Orioles have left now and my jelly dish sits full…..see you orioles next Spring.

Hello There….Red-Eye

Red-eyed Vireo

I can’t tell you how many times this Red-eyed Vireo came down to our birdbath throughout the day this pass holiday weekend. Usually these birds are always in the upper canopy of the tree branches. I guess this one, or possibly more than one, just wanted to be in my photos that day. I suppose these birds are also migrating through this area. I may not have seen any this spring to photograph, but this fall is becoming very promising. A very cool bird in my opinion.


Monarch Butterfly

Has anyone missed me? Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted. Partly I was just plain lazy and the other part I was waiting to capture a Monarch Butterfly to post along with the other butterflies I’ve photographed. Finally saw this beauty out in our backyard and I rushed to get my camera and out the door I flew. I still think these Monarch’s are just so classy looking and I love them. Hope you enjoy this photo as well. Happy beginning of the fall season everyone 🙂

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