Fall on Mackinac Island

Market St. looking at Fort Mackinac on Mackinac Island

Oh, I miss this island already. Bruce and I took an early morning stroll with our coffee and just enjoyed the beauty of this quaint island village. We were actually looking for an island newspaper and wondered up to Market Street. This photo was taken looking toward Fort Mackinac high on the hill in the background. It’s amazing that all of the leaves are still colorful and still on the trees at this late date in the season, but maybe the waters of Lake Huron have this effect on them. Well, there is always next year and we will be back!


Sunrise on Mackinac Island

Sunrise on Mackinac Island

Nothing is more beautiful than the sunrise seen from Windermere Point on Mackinac Island. What a peaceful, tranquil way to wake up to. This morning turned out to be a beautiful day and it sure didn’t disappoint us. From the sounds of the first ferry boats bringing over tourists and day workers to the flocks of ducks and some lingering geese that haven’t made it South yet it’s like music to my ears. Looking forward to next year and our return trip….always!

Looking at Lake Huron

Viewing Lake Huron

Last weekend my husband, Bruce, surprised me with a weekend up to Mackinac Island, MI. It’s about a 7 1/2 hr. drive from our home in Madison, WI but we think it’s worth it. It happens to be one of our favorite vacation spots. This is the latest in the year we have ever been up there and it was right before all the hotels and merchants shut down for the winter. Boy, did we luck out with the weather. Both days sunny and in the high 50’s and the color was still quite beautiful. On Sunday we rented a couple of bikes and rode the perimeter of the island and this is just one of the photos I took along the way looking out over Lake Huron. Hopefully the photos I post of this beautiful island will convince some of you to visit. You won’t regret it!

Fall Orange-crowned Warbler

Fall Orange-crowned warbler

This took a little help from a Facebook Group “Wisconsin Birding” to identify this bird. The fall warblers are very difficult for me to identify, but the consensuses is that this is an Orange-crowned Warbler. At lst glance I thought it a Nashville warbler as it had a distinctive eye ring, but then I’ve never seen a Nashville with striping on the breast. Regardless, always happy to see these little birds come through the yard even if I can’t identify them. At least I know they are warblers. I’m hoping to get out in our yard today to see if we have anymore warblers coming through even though it’s getting late in the season. We’re predicted to have a high of 77 degrees today and that is extremely warm this time of year. I have to enjoy these mild temperatures regardless. Continue to enjoy this fall weather.

Fall Chipping Sparrow

Fall Chipping Sparrow

Some years we have many Chipping Sparrows in our yard, but in the last few there haven’t been many visitors, so when I spot them I get excited. This little one came and enjoyed a full day at our pond and birdbaths and ended up spending some time under our bird feeders scratching around the ground for seeds. The breeding adult Chipping Sparrow is identified by a bright chestnut crown, distinct white eyebrow, and black line extending from the bill through the eye to it’s ear. They also have  two white wing bars and their tail is fairly long and notched. They are just a really striking little sparrow and always a joy to see.

Happy, Happy, Happy!


Fall Yellow-rumped Warbler

I couldn’t be happier that I still have warblers visiting our backyard. This is a photo of a Yellow-rumped Warbler I captured on Friday. I know another blogger from Ohio says she has them during the winter sometimes, well she did last year anyway. These are the little guys that give me so much pleasure when they return in the Spring.  I also had another couple of warblers visit on Friday as well and I’ll try and get them posted in the next couple of days. So, please don’t rush away little ones, I love having you around!!

Fall Drive Through the UW Arboretum

Arboretum Drive in the Fall

It just doesn’t get any prettier than this. When driving through the Arboretum in the morning hours on a sunny day you can’t beat the way the sunshine’s down through the forest area. I’m afraid the photo can’t due it true justice, but believe me when I say it is beautiful. Today we are getting much needed rain and I fear most of these beautiful leaves will all be down laying about the forest floor. Regardless what time of year you visit the Arboretum, it is well worth it. Happy Autumn everyone!

They Just Keep Coming…


Hermit Thrush

I love that the Hermit Thrush’s are continuing to come visit the backyard. All the birds really enjoy our pond and I truly believe that the sound of the waterfall and moving water is a real attraction for them. We still continue to get some migratory birds coming through and it’s always fun to see what new birds show up. We plan to have a nice day today so hopefully I’ll be able to sit out and enjoy this nice weather and the visiting birds.

Hermit Thrush Comes to Visit..

Hermit Thrush

A few posts ago I showed the Wood Thrush and the Swainson’s Thrush. Now, the Hermit Thrush has decided to make an appearance in our yard. While sitting in my chair on the patio this handsome bird came and perched on a rock right in front of my chair and I was able to get a nice close-up of him. You can distinguish this bird from the other thrushes by his reddish tail which he’s known to drop and raise while perched and they have a whitish eye ring. Another pretty thrush in my opinion and always glad to see his visit.

Bluebirds in the Arboretum

Pair of Bluebirds in the Arboretum

I can’t get over the color in this photo taken at UW Arboretum this past week. I was trying to get the Bluebirds in the photo and I didn’t adjust the coloring at all. It was that brilliant and colorful all by itself. Right now we are at peak colors here in Madison and luckily I was able to get over there and see how beautiful their  gardens were.

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