Fall Orange-crowned Warbler

Fall Orange-crowned warbler

This took a little help from a Facebook Group “Wisconsin Birding” to identify this bird. The fall warblers are very difficult for me to identify, but the consensuses is that this is an Orange-crowned Warbler. At lst glance I thought it a Nashville warbler as it had a distinctive eye ring, but then I’ve never seen a Nashville with striping on the breast. Regardless, always happy to see these little birds come through the yard even if I can’t identify them. At least I know they are warblers. I’m hoping to get out in our yard today to see if we have anymore warblers coming through even though it’s getting late in the season. We’re predicted to have a high of 77 degrees today and that is extremely warm this time of year. I have to enjoy these mild temperatures regardless. Continue to enjoy this fall weather.



  1. November 5, 2012 at 2:10 pm

    Dapper little fellow! Autumn warblers are a challenge to identify sometimes.

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