Keeping an Eye on Us..

Red Tailed Hawk

It’s as if he’s saying “Who you looking at?”. While I was looking out our windows this beautiful hawk flew through the yard and then perched on a limb. These raptors still take my breath away when I see them up close. Luckily for me, he perched on this branch for well over a half hour. Our songbirds happily went on with feeding at our feeders as this hawk was probably waiting to see a squirrel or rabbit come out of it’s hiding place. I’m just grateful I was able to view him for so long. Please come back as often as you want, your always welcome in our yard.


Love the Colors!

Fall Northern Parula

I was happy to see that this Northern Parula came back on Sunday as well, but I sure hope he took off and went South that evening as we got down in the 20’s that night and only made it up to the low to mid 30’s during the day. This bird’s coloring is so pretty and it’s his fall plumage, but just look at how beautiful this little bird is. With the weather being so cold, I’m pretty much looking at these birds from the inside out, but can easily run out with the camera if need be. This weekend will be warming up to the mid 50’s so let’s see what comes into our yard next weekend. Maybe I’ll see another late bird migrating. Keeping my fingers crossed.

What a Wonderful Surprise!

Fall Northern Parula

If you follow my posts, you’ll no doubt know that I love the Warblers. Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather yesterday when my husband and I were sitting outside enjoying a warm November day on the patio and a flicker of yellow caught my eye. It was a warbler, a Northern Parula to be exact. Here it is November 10th and I thought all of these birds were long gone by now, usually leaving the middle of October. Well, this little guy was eating insects in our viburnum bush (it still has leaves on it) right behind our pond and then all of a sudden he flew down and spent a little time bathing. Now I know why I sit with my binoculars on the table next to me and my camera in my lap. I got several nice photos of this little bird so thought I would share with all of you starting with this one.

Little Dude..

Ruby-crowned kinglet

I’m sure this little Ruby-crowned kinglet was happy to be on the outside of this cage. Rarely do I get a chance to see this bird perch for more than a couple of seconds and he appeared on our “live trap” to evidently take a little rest and have a look-see around our yard.  These are one of the lst birds I see in the Springtime along with the Yellow-rumped warblers. I think for the most part, our migratory birds have headed South for the winter, but that won’t stop me from sitting out a bit this morning to see what I can see. I plan to soak up the sunny weather as much as I can before the snow decides to show up. Enjoy your Sunday everyone.

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