Hoo, Hoo, Hoo!

Great Gray Owl

Great Gray Owl

This was a real treat when this Great Gray Owl showed up unexpectedly to Middleton, Wisconsin. He caused quite a stir and those people who weren’t interested in bird watching became so. He sat endlessly right in the middle of town, for several days, and drew crowds of around 75 people and he was in the news daily. It was quite an educational experience for both birders and non birders alike. Normally, you would only find this owl inhabiting boreal forests in Canada and the far North and more than likely they had a food shortage and several of these owls headed south with more being spotted in other areas of Wisconsin. This is our largest owl and quite striking with heavily ringed facial disks making his yellow eyes look small. This beauty eventually left and it was with great relief as there was a concern he could be hit by a vehicle or run into another problem being in such a populated area. I’m just so thankful I was able to see this magnificent bird in real life.


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