House Hunting??

Downy WoodpeckerIt looks as though this Downy Woodpecker is checking out a bird house that my granddaughters made for me a few years ago. As you can see, there has been a little “remodeling” on the “front doorway”. Once a bird house for wrens, it’s pretty much anyones house now, but that’s okay, all birdies welcome!

It looks to be a beautiful weekend coming up with plenty of sunshine and warmer temperatures, so I’m hoping to see a lot of activity in our yard. Finally, it’s becoming that time of year. Happy Birding everyone!


Purple Finch

Purple FinchThis is the lst Purple Finch I’ve seen this SpringĀ and he was a welcomed sight, I must say! Last summer I had many pairs of these birds and I sometimes get them confused with House Finches. Even though they are supposed to reside here all winter long, I looked at this particular bird as my first migrant. The weather is finally starting to cooperate this coming weekend, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for some new migrants coming to our yard. Wish me luck and happy birding everyone!

Mama and her Yearling..

Mother and Yearling...Here is Mama with one of her twins that I photographed from last summer. They seem to have survived the winter just fine, but I know they are anxious for the snow to melt to find food. A herd of about 7 seem to love our neighbors yard and will eat whatever they can find, jumping the fence occasionally to see what they can eat in ours. I’m afraid I’ve had to do a lot of chasing this spring, so it’s kept our plantings safe for the time being. Hopefully there will be less snow, or maybe NO snow in my next post. Keep bringing the warmer temperatures and the migrating birds. Until then I can still enjoy the other wildlife present in our area!

Finally, Our Spring is Here!

Spring RobinFinally, our Spring is here! At least that’s how it feels to me. I know Madison has Robins all year long, but not in my yard durning the winter, so when they appear my hear lightens and I can finally see the end of a very long winter. So, get ready everyone, the Spring migration is underway and I can’t wait to dust off my camera for some friendly visitors headed our way! Happy birding everyone!!

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