Junco’s are Still Hanging Around..

Dark-eyed Junco


It’s getting closer each day for these Dark-eyed Juncos to be heading North for the summer. They will be leaving any day now and then when they return in the fall, I can expect the cold and snow shortly after. The last few days I’ve been just seeing maybe one or two eating a few scattered seeds under the feeders. Our weather has turned cold, gray, and rainy and is to continue all week long. I’m not sure I’ll be able to see exactly when these guys leave our yard for the summer season, but I will still continue to watch my birds from indoors. I guess I shouldn’t complain, because once the skies break into sunshine we will have green buds breaking out in the trees and bushes and the grass will be very green. I will miss, however, sitting on the patio and getting close ups of all the birds that come into the pond and birdbaths. Well, Happy Birding Everyone!



The Cute Little Downy’s…..

Downy WoodpeckerThe Downy Woodpeckers have been busy either trying to mate or just being territorial, but they are all over our backyard. I’m seeing pairs flying all over the place and they are barely sitting still. Must be that time of year. This year they are sharing the suet feeder with many Robins. Who knew Robins enjoyed suet…..

It’s suppose to be a nice weekend, weather wise, so I’ll be heading to my backyard soon. My camera battery is almost recharged and you know where I’ll be the next two days. Happy Birding Everyone!

Tufted Titmouse

Tufted TitmouseI’m fortunate to have this little bird year round in our yard. They are so much fun to watch and my granddaughter, Tiana, says they are one of her favorite birds…..being the Black-capped Chickadee is her favorite. New birds are starting to show up in my yard with the lst warbler last week. So it is such an exciting time for me. It’s been a little chilly out still, but I will be bundling up and heading out shortly to see what I can see. Fingers crossed I can capture some more photos to share with all of you. Happy Birding Everyone!

Awww, a Sweet Pair!

Red-bellied SapsuckersI felt thrilled yesterday when this pair of Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers were courting right in front of me. I’m not sure who was chasing who, but what a striking pair. Another exciting thing happened yesterday as well……my lst warbler showed up. The usual Yellow-rumped Warbler made it’s appearance. He arrived 3 days earlier from last year recorded sighting and I’m beyond happy. Well, Happy Birding Everyone!!

How Much Wood Could a Woodchuck Chuck….

WoodchuckWhile sitting outside waiting for my birds to show up and see what I could see, this Woodchuck joined me on the patio and did a double take when he spied me. I have to say, I’m not into rodents much, big ones for sure, so I was a little surprised. I figured I had my camera in hand so why not take a few pics. He eventually wandered into our neighbors yard where I believe he digs BIG holes around his pool (not a good thing)! Just another critter to join the rest of the wildlife on Lake View Avenue. Now back to waiting on the arrival of my warblers. Well, Happy Birding Everyone!!!

Love our Nuthatches

Red-breasted NuthatchI have a lot of Red-breasted Nuthatches around our feeders lately.  Along with the White-breasted Nuthatches they keep me entertained. These little birds are about 4 1/2″ long  and have a very distinct eye line, white eyebrow and rusty underparts. They grab their seeds then off to the trees to either hoard till later or crack and eat immediately. I hope they hang around all summer long as they sure are cute and fun to watch. Happy Birding Everyone!

Sapsucker Loving the Sap!

Yellow-bellied SapsuckerI have a maple tree right outside my kitchen window and the Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers have found it! They have been here daily, drilling holes in the trunk and then lapping up the sap. These birds are really fun to watch and quite oblivious to my photo taking. They arrived in my yard last week and I so welcome them. Maybe they will help attract the insects to the sweet sap and in turn my warblers will have fun feeding on these insects. I continue to wait on that lst warbler sighting for the year and hopefully it won’t be too much longer. Happy Birding Everyone!!

Seeing Double…..

White-breasted Nuthatch PairI absolutely LOVE spring!!! Our backyard is full of bird activity and melodies galore. Loved seeing this pair of White-breasted Nuthatches visiting one of our feeders. There has been a flurry of many different birds coming into the yard now and our pond should be up and running by tomorrow evening and with a little luck that will bring them in all the more!

Well, my day is just beginning and a lot of bird watching to be done. Enjoy your day and Happy Birding Everyone!!

White-breasted Nuthatch

White-breasted NuthatchThe Nuthatches have been busy at the feeders and it’s fun to watch them gather their seeds and then fly off and hide them in the nooks and cranies of the tree limbs. I’ve had both Red-breasted and this White-breasted Nuthatch’s grabbing bird seed. They must think they have to store their food still, but not for long…..the weather is finally becoming more Spring like, thankfully. Yesterday was a sure sign of that with having sat out on the patio and observed 24 different species in 2 hours along with 5 FOY (first of year) birds. It was a good day with more to come! Happy birding everyone!!

Robins and the Heated Birdbath….

American RobinOur Robins that end up in our yard are notorious for bathing and emptying the birdbath. I’ve never seen a cleaner bird, although, after seeing them digging worms out of the soil and other little bugs I can see why they need to bathe. It’s so wonderful to see them back during this transitional time of year, they are definitely a welcome sight! Lucky for this Robin he still has a heated birdbath to bathe in, but in a couple of weeks this birdbath will come down and 3 of our regular ones will go up. You birdies from the south, come on up, your heated bath is waiting for you. Happy birding everyone!

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