Vireo’s Stop Over….

Philadelphia Vireo

It was nice to be able to see this Philadelphia Vireo stop over on his way South. Again this photo was taken a few weeks ago, but all these warbler/vireo photos bring a smile to my face and again help me get through the upcoming winter months when I know the only way to view them is through these pictures. Hope you enjoy the photos as much as I do and in the meantime, Happy Birding Everyone!


Better Look Fast…

Black-throated Green Warbler

I doubt there are any warblers left that will be coming through my yard till next Spring, so I thought I’d post this Black-throated Green Warbler that visited my yard a few weeks ago so that we can all remember them until they come back through next year. These are the little birds that I so miss during our LONG winter months. Today, the National Weather Service is saying that the Madison area will probably get it’s first measurable snowfall next Monday, possibly around 4 inches. I’m definitely NOT ready for this weather! But until then…..Happy Birding Everyone!!

Fall Hermit Thrush

Hermit Thrush

I haven’t seen any Hermit Thrushes lately, but they could still be around. We are still going through a big migration with many flocks of Red-winged Blackbirds coming through the yard. Still have LOTS of Robins hanging around as well and I’ve noticed a large increase in American Goldfinches. The goldfinches are really going through the niger seed, but I do mix it with other finch seed which they seem to like. I’m certainly enjoying the Tufted Titmice that come to the kitchen window feeder. They are so fun to watch. Until my next post Happy Birding Everyone!!

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