Cape May Warbler


So excited that this  Cape May Warbler came back to visit this year. He is another colorful favorite of mine. It’s always great too when they get out of the leafy trees and bushes to pose for me. I believe he has left our yard and headed North, but I was able to view him for a few days which made me very happy. Happy Birding everyone!


I’m Also Very Handsome!



This beautiful male Scarlet Tanager has been around for at least a week or more with his Mrs. always close by.  I still get such a thrill when I spot him flying in the yard and sometimes I’m just lucky enough to see him land so close that I can take a picture or two. His coloring still takes my breath away. Enjoy and happy birding everyone!


Call Me Handsome!

imageThey’re back! It’s been so crazy in my yard the last few days, but I’m finally ready to post some of my “favorite little friends”. Here is a beautiful Blackburnian Warbler. I still pinch myself every time I see one of these colorful birds. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Happy birding everyone

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