Cape May Warbler


So excited that this  Cape May Warbler came back to visit this year. He is another colorful favorite of mine. It’s always great too when they get out of the leafy trees and bushes to pose for me. I believe he has left our yard and headed North, but I was able to view him for a few days which made me very happy. Happy Birding everyone!


I’m Also Very Handsome!



This beautiful male Scarlet Tanager has been around for at least a week or more with his Mrs. always close by.  I still get such a thrill when I spot him flying in the yard and sometimes I’m just lucky enough to see him land so close that I can take a picture or two. His coloring still takes my breath away. Enjoy and happy birding everyone!


Call Me Handsome!

imageThey’re back! It’s been so crazy in my yard the last few days, but I’m finally ready to post some of my “favorite little friends”. Here is a beautiful Blackburnian Warbler. I still pinch myself every time I see one of these colorful birds. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Happy birding everyone

Orchard Oriole

Orchard Oriole

Not only did we get a lot of Baltimore Orioles in our yard this year, but we were lucky to have the Orchard Orioles around as well. This nice male posed for me and I love their darker color and they are a bit more petite and thinner in size. I hope they like our yard so much that we have them back here every year! Well, Happy Birding Everyone!

Philadelphia Vireo

Philadelphia Vireo

I guess I’m just lucky when these Vireo’s come down to the pond instead of hanging around in the tree tops, or rather I’m lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time. Either way, this Philadelphia gave me a “hey, look at me” look and snap went the shutter, gotcha! I believe I’ve had other vireo’s besides this one, the Warbling vireo and the Red-eyed vireo, but I’m still learning. Hopefully next time they all come through I’ll capture another variety. Till then, Happy Birding Everyone!

It’s a Vireo!

Warbling Vireo

Along with my Warblers that come through, there are Vireo’s, also insect eaters, that show up and they’re also a little bird, generally chunkier and less active than warblers, but definitely fun to spot. This is a Warbling Vireo and there are quite a few varieties of Vireo’s and I’m still learning them, so if you see that I’ve made a misidentification…..feel free to correct me. In the meantime, Happy Birding Everyone!

Oh Canada, Oh Canada!

Canada Warbler

Here is a shot of the Canada Warbler. I always think of this bird with the black pearl necklace. He is really a very striking bird and I’m thrilled he showed up this year after being absent for the past couple of migrations. I got some really nice captures of this little guy bathing in our pond and made me realize I’ll have to do a bird bath theme and print some photos. It is sad now that the majority of these birds have left, but I still keep my eyes peeled looking for them flitting here and there in the tree tops. Now that the tree canopy is filled out now, I’ll have to wait for them to come down for their drink or bath to get that close up look. Happy Birding Everyone!

Hello Mr. Wilson!

Wilson's Warbler

Maybe not the best photo of this warbler, known as a Wilson’s Warbler, but he’s pretty much olive coloring above and yellow below with a black cap. This is only the 2nd time I’ve had this bird visit my yard when I was able to view him.  Yep, I got excited to see him again. I sat outside for most of the day yesterday and I spotted only two warblers. I’m sad to say they most definitely are onto their breeding grounds. Oh well, I have fall to look forward to when they return, but then they aren’t in their breeding plumage and tougher to tell what breed I’m looking at. For now though, Happy Birding Everyone!

I’m No Chickadee….

Blackpoll Warbler

I’m a beautiful Blackpoll Warbler! This little guy was also a visitor to our backyard this Spring. Once I see the Black and White Warbler, I’m always on the lookout for the Blackpoll. He is so cool looking. I’m truly running out of words to describe how much I love to see these birds come in and through our yard each springtime. I know it’s slowly coming to an end, but I haven’t given up looking for a new species to appear. Enjoy these birds while you can if your anywhere around their migratory paths. In the meantime, Happy Birding Everyone!

Still More Warblers..

Yellow Warbler

Again, this beautiful Yellow Warbler also showed up this spring! How beautiful are they? I just feeled so blessed and lucky these beautiful creatures find our yard and pond and come down so we can view them closely. Im afraid that  many warblers I’ve seen this spring is now starting to dwindle and head north to breeding grounds. Yesterday afternoon when I was finally able to sit down, there was little activity around but I did spy a a Least Flycatcher and a Warbling Vireo high up in the tree canopy. Well, now that my planting of my annuals are done, I’ll be able to just sit again and observe what comes to the yard. Happy Birding Everyone!

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