Sunflowers = Smiles

imageEvery year I look forward to the sunflower field that is planted at Pope Farm Park Conservancy.  It usually happens the first part of August.  It is glorious and it’s so fun to watch all the families, artists and  photographers come out and about enjoying it in their special way. This time I took over a 100 photos and downloaded maybe 15.  Honestly I don’t really know what I’m doing, but I always seem to capture something worthwhile to save and share. I sincerely hope that if your anywhere close by to Pope Farm to please go out and see this beautiful field of  sunflowers. It’s in full bloom this week and with the cooler temperatures I’m hoping they will still be looking good through the weekend. Enjoy the start of August, fall is right around the corner and happy birding everyone!!




Summertime and Sunflowers!!


Nothing says summer like beautiful sunflowers. This year Bruce and I went out to Pope Farm Park to view their sunflowers in full bloom. There is nothing quite like it. We went early on a Sunday morning around 8 am and couldn’t believe all the photographers and artists already there setting up to paint, draw and take photographs. I didn’t make it out last year and from what I heard was that last years drought took a toll on this sunflower field. I’m happy to say, it was gorgeous when we went to view it this year. If anyone viewing this lives locally around the Madison, Middleton, and Verona area please drive out and take a look, I promise you won’t be disappointed! 

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