I’m Also Very Handsome!



This beautiful male Scarlet Tanager has been around for at least a week or more with his Mrs. always close by.  I still get such a thrill when I spot him flying in the yard and sometimes I’m just lucky enough to see him land so close that I can take a picture or two. His coloring still takes my breath away. Enjoy and happy birding everyone!



Hello Handsome!

male Scarlet Tanager

male Scarlet Tanager

Last year I only got a glimpse of this colorful Scarlet Tanager and I was so disappointed he wasn’t seen again all summer long. This year, however, he and his mate have been in our yard in and around the pond and birdbath for 3 days. I hope they like it enough to stick around for the season. I can’t explain this birds coloring, but it is SO brilliant and not exactly red, but red orange….whatever the color, it’s beautiful! I hope some of you are able to see this bird in person. Happy birding everyone!

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